Here’s what I found that was made in the US

Rumford baking powder, Hanes Her Way cotton t-shirt, Palmolive dish liquid, towels (Ralph Lauren Polo hand towel, Jubilee hand towel, and Martex Grand Patrician towels). I bought the Martex towels in 1999, and the others are also several years old. But I’ve since bought kitchen towels and inexpensive washcloths that are not US-made.I have Red Heart yarn made in the US, but the Peaches & Creme yarn is made in Canada of US-grown cotton. My Anchor Hocking soup mug was made here as was a 24-oz insulated mug with no company name on it.Alberto Culver makes their Simple face wash gel here,and my Pyrex glass measuring cup, pie plates and mixing bowls are made in the USA. And according to Wikipedia, my KitchenAid stand mixer was manufactured in Ohio.Herbal Essences shampoo and Pantene conditioner say they’re made in the US with US and imported ingredients. I bought some paper cupcake liners the other day that were made in China. I didn’t look for the country of origin at the time; I chose them because I wanted white.

On another e-mail list

there was someone talking about how most people are tricked into believing that US made products are more expensive than stuff made in China or Mexico. But that started me wondering, how much does the average person own that IS made in the
US? So here’s the challenge – find 10 things in your house that are “Made in the USA”. Your children and pets don’t count. 🙂 You can either list by item and manufacturer, or even take a picture of all the items if you want. I’m not sure I can even come up with 10 things,