I’ve never had a new car

A new car loses a huge chunk of its value the day you drive it off the lot. And you can only get insurance for t as a *used* car, so if anything happens you’re on the hook. And I live in the Boston area where cars tend to get banged up a lot. We
have a low rate of traffic fatalities but a sky-high rate of fender-benders and car thefts. I do know some people who buy new cars because they plan to keep them for a decade and they want to know the car was well-maintained, which makes sense to me. My current car is the newest I’ve ever had , a 2005 Camry which my father bought new when he was really too old to drive. I inherited it with 3400 miles on it, and promptly put several dings in it. (it’s ridiculous how much body work costs!) I expect my teenager will drive that car to college.

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