All great suggestions!

I took a leaf from Melanie’s book, and sent him our Debt via email. That way he can look at it and come to grips with it without my feeling like he’s being judgmental or whine-y (whether he is or not….it’s the tape that plays in my head.)
Netflix is doing a one month free DVD promo…I don’t know if that will make him happy, but it might take the edge off. But on a different note—seriously, two weeks without and you’re throwing a fit? Can you say ADDICTION????
His response to the debt list was “it wasn’t as bad as he thought it was.” Duh, yeah, that’s because we’ve been plugging away at it vs. uncontrolled spending. Maybe we haven’t been as gazelle intense as DR would have us be, but its the best I’ve been able to do given all the unexpecteds and DH not being on board.Thanks all–you probably either saved my marriage or kept me out of jail….(not entirely kidding!)

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