As I continue to work on my garden plan for the year I think about strawberries

We have tried them various times, but unfortunately either the geese or critters usually get them before we do. That is discouraging to say the least because we LOVE strawberries.
While trying to decide whether or not to devote some of my garden space to trying strawberries again this year I remembered how my dfil use to grow them in a barrel with great success. Is this perhaps the way we should go? They would be up off the ground away from the turtles and in the garden away from the geese, but would this be the solution? I have an excellent source for the white plastic food grade barrels and my guys are perfectly capable of putting holes into one. I know herbs can be done this way too. But then there is the question of the best way to do it.
So here are my questions on growing strawberries/herbs in barrels for those of you who have done this.
1.What are the pros and cons of it?
2.Have you ever made one with a plastic barrel?
3.How do you keep the dirt from seeping out the side holes if you don’t have one with the cups, but have simply cut holes in the barrel as shown on utube?
4.What ever bearing strawberries do you recommend for such projects?
5.What herbs would work well in such a set-up as well.

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