I’ve been where you are

My husband would go over and over the numbers, get out a pen and paper and pour over the numbers some more and would then say nothing to me, but absolutely nothing would change except my getting angry. Things changed once I finally broke down the numbers on a budget sheet I have (I do an old fashioned written budget I have from Tsh Oxenreider’s, The Simple Mom’s book, Organized Simplicity, that I write out each Friday morning for the upcoming week showing income, expenses and any funds I carry over from the previous week). It’s very black and white, and my husband now gets it. These weekly meetings are no longer emotional (thank goodness). It really never worked well until I showed him these budget sheets. I have one for his business and one for our personal accounts. I would suggest if what you’re doing isn’t working, do something else. That’s what I had to do. Also, let him know that your meeting is a wonderful idea (yeah, I know, I think “blech” but don’t turn it into a negative, that doesn’t work anyway), and you’d really like to go over the numbers with him and get his input, and then both work on it separately (yeah, I know, you’ve already done the work, but let him crunch the numbers too), and then tell him you should then come back and make a final decision on things after you both sleep on things. Might I suggest that maybe you offer him 20 bucks or so (in cash) from your food budget and give that to him for his juicing for the next two weeks?

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