Sam used to be bad about this

He thought since I was the stay at home person and he was the working person I should do the budgeting. I was fine with that since he is military and leaves a lot, I stay home so it works for us. He whined when I said he could not go out to eat as often with his work friends. Or that I needed to know in advance when he was planning on needing money for this and that. He pitched his fits and we sat down and went through all the budgets, he wanted to cut the grocery budget. So I said fine but he had to go shopping with me and help me decide what to cut. He of course didn’t like when I suggested cutting the soda and snacks. LOL.
What we figured out was that he would get X dollars he could spend however he wanted. We started with cash but like so many cash slipped through his hands too fast and I had to give him additional gas money to get to work. So we got him a debit card, I know that’s backwards of DR but it really works better for hubby. He gets his set amount every pay day and he is happy with that. Its now extremely rare that he can not plan ahead and have money for this and that. His money is enough to cover his gas, haircuts, etc that are true needs and then gives him some blow money as well.

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