So sorry to hear that

Remind us again… were you expecting something like this to happen? What field is your husband in and where are you located?

How is your budget? Are you able to get by? What categories are you concerned about and what can you do to maintain your four walls?

I live in the Metro WDC area and while it’s supposed to be more of a bubble, we are also feeling the pinch… My DH was let go last December and is still looking despite several opportunities early on which didn’t pan out.

We are doing OK so far.. my biggest concerns are the mortgage and keeping the kids in daycare (1 yo ds and 3 yo dd) for continuity and to also allow DH to take care of the house and to also have time to search for a job unencumbered by childcare.

I am thinking of you and wishing you the best as you work through this.. trust me, I’ve been the primary breadwinner 5 of the almost 8 years we’ve been married and while it may not suit some, switching roles hasn’t been as bad as I thought it might be (as long as you can talk about those roles, expectations and understand the switch, which we’ve been able to do).

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