Thank you so much for all your well wishes

We are actually doing okay, and I have a pretty good feeling about all this. Yes, we’ve been preparing for it for a few months now, although things seemed to have settled down somewhat the past month or two.
Then about 10 days ago, there was an incident at work where a young woman was being terrorized by a co-worker. DH intervened, came home and told me about it and said they might actually fire him over it, since they love this other guy so much. I told him if that happened I am perfectly ok with him being fired because he stood up for the right if that’s what happens.
So we’re not too surprised. A bit disappointed the company didn’t do the right thing, but I guess they figure it’s easier to pay hush money to DH than go down another road.
How do I know it was that vs because of say, job performance?
They gave him 4 weeks of severance; severance at all is unheard of at that company, let alone 4 weeks worth. Combined with his vacation pay, he came home with a very large check, and they indicated they would not fight paying him unemployment, which if true, will pretty much cover our rent.
So right now, we sit at a FFEF of 4 months (that’s really ironic, believe me since yesterday we had like $160 in the bank, and I was stressing). We had to go get DH a pay as you go cell phone (thank you StraightTalk). If unemployment comes through, that FFEF will last us quite a while. We will need to get him a suit to go out interviewing.
The really great thing is 4 months from now is when DS17 will graduate from public high school So our ties to southern California will disappear then. I’m probably going to relent and let DD16 apply to my alma mater. Nothing says “free grant money and scholarship” on a FAFSA than being unemployed.
The only area of concern is medical insurance. They want $1100 for COBRA, yeah, right. I can put the kids on Healthy Families of California…and I will check around to see if I can find a private insurer as well.
Thank you for your support and kindness.

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