since I managed to get around to getting my next installment of the travel blog up this morning (link below) I’m now preparing to work on something ds suggested to me as we walked around the garden area yesterday.
Dh had mentioned earlier in the weekend that we had gotten behind on the layers for the Lasagna Gardening method we use and that despite the nice layer of bird dropping from the geese being in there this winter we needed to do a LOT of layering before planting this year. This prompted ds to mention that maybe we needed to do a cost analysis of what putting in the garden would be versus what we could/would get out of it.
This gave me pause. This last year we got very little out of the garden because I was away from home so much mystery shopping and merchandising, however, for various reasons, I’ve pretty well stopped doing that and will pretty much be home daily now. So hopefully we could have a very productive garden. But then that is speculative.
Have any of you ever done a cost analysis of doing the garden? I figure I need to include the cost of soil, compost (if I have to purchase any), water and the few seeds I need to purchase. Plus any materials for building trellises. Can anyone else think of anything else I’d need to include?
I really think no matter the cost I should plan on doing this because groceries are doing nothing but climbing and since I grow strictly organically the health benefits are to be considered. But then there is that budget thing we try to stay in.

Your thoughts?

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