You’d thought you’ve got enough

food already so that you won’t have to plow through your food budget. Does he have blow money of his own? You may need to factor that in. I’m just throwing thoughts out there. I know how tough and emotional this is. Once when my husband and I were battling it out, I told him I thought we should strip and talk about this naked (I once heard Dave Ramsey say someone had told him this is how this particular couple did their budget meetings simply because it’s silly). My husband cracked up, and we worked things out (and I didn’t have to get naked! lol). Bottom line, let him look at the numbers, let him work on it himself (at least he’s paying attention, right?), and then come back and recrunch the numbers tomorrow. It’s hard. I will say, the blessing to all this is that it’s caused me to live on cash rather than a debit card, and it’s also restrained my spending more than I would have thought since my husband picks up these budget sheets each week and goes through them line by line. I always have our bank statements for the week attached to the past week’s statements, as well as savings and investments printed out, so he can see what we’re achieving. So far, we’ve avoided any blow ups or disagreements, and that’s huge. Again, if what your doing isn’t working, you might need to find another tact to get him on board.

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